Unsure of what to anticipate with a commercial or home remodeling project? There are thousands of remodeling and general contracting frequently asked questions and twice as many answers that you could find online. As a result, finding the precise answers you are looking for can be a daunting task.

We at Orange County Home Remodeling feel that you should obtain transparent, clear, and easy-to-comprehend answers if you have remodeling questions. We take our time to expound on the details of the remodeling project you wish to have done. We will answer all your questions cordially and to your satisfaction. Because we believe an informed consumer is the best customer, we have provided these FAQs for your benefit.

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If you have any more questions about home or commercial remodeling, we will gladly answer them. At Orange County Home Remodeling, we are conversant with commercial and residential remodeling projects in the county and surrounding cities. Schedule an initial consultation by calling us at 657-660-3481 to learn more and see why our services have placed us on the map as one of the leading remodeling companies in Orange County.

Yes. Even though our business name is Orange County Home Remodeling, that does not mean we do not take on construction or remodeling projects on commercial properties. We understand that commercial property should have the highest curb appeal and performance level to attract and impress customers or make workers feel more comfortable performing their duties. Additionally, we understand the intense regulations that might apply to commercial property and can handle the whole project per the building code and permit rules and make the actual upgrades.

There is no fixed cost for a complete remodeling project— every project has varying expenses that affect the ultimate price. Our representatives will visit you to understand your remodeling needs. They will calculate the cost of the kind of materials you prefer, permit fees, the square footage of your home, and the full scope of the project and give you a quote. Before calculating the ultimate cost, our project manager can provide you with a cost-free estimate when you visit our office or contact us for an initial consultation.

We do much more than provide you with an estimate and a quote. We give you all the information you need to make the right decisions for your home. One of our project managers will take the time to explain all the details concerning your project and answer all your questions. There is no obligation. Let us assess your wish list, and we will provide you with valuable information.

During your free initial consultation, our project manager will give you an estimated timeframe of how long it may take to remodel your home. As we meet with you and review the project details comprehensively, we can give you a comprehensive project timeline for remodeling your home. Our schedules assist us in completing all kinds of projects promptly.

The central element in finishing your project on time is your availability to choose your products throughout the process. Additionally, we will require full access to your home during the remodeling process. We will start work at your home only after we have received all the necessary materials. Our company's policy is that once we start a project, we will stay on it until it is completed.

Contractors should purchase three forms of insurance at the minimum: workers' compensation, comprehensive general liability insurance, and a California state license. You should ask for proof of insurance before authorizing a company to start working on your property. At Orange County Home Remodeling, we will show you evidence of our workers' compensation forms, general liability insurance, and license before we start working on your property.

Yes. We are 100 percent licensed for any relevant construction or remodeling task. We are fully bonded and carry workers' compensation and comprehensive general liability insurance. You do not need to worry about taking a liability risk when you retain us to work on your property. We always comply with strict safety standards, and while we strive to complete the project on time, we place workmanship and safety first.

Call us any time at 657-660-3481 or visit our office, and we will immediately schedule your project. Of course, the next available date varies based on the level or season, but we will schedule you as soon as possible. And if you need an emergency-level or urgent remodeling or repair job, we will work closely with you to prioritize your project.

All remodeling projects will require zoning approval and permits before construction begins. Our team can take care of this for you.

In many cases, leaving your home will be unnecessary. It might be just one or two rooms in the house undergoing renovations. Alternatively, we can schedule tasks to keep bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms open for use for most of the project's duration. Also, we always clean up after every day and every project and consider your safety while doing our work.

Our complimentary remodeling estimate includes a comprehensive written scope of work. Sometimes, when requested or needed, we provide renderings for you to see what your completed remodeling project will look like. Renderings resemble a photo of your home and what your remodel will look like, so you can visualize the space to be renovated.

Many bathroom and kitchen remodels are done without a design agreement. Design agreements are generally used for home addition projects or significant remodeling of several rooms (like a whole house remodel).

We use both hourly employees and subcontractors who are on our payroll. Our subcontractors have been with us for many years; we are the only source of employment for many of them as we keep them busy from one project to another. The subcontractors are insured, licensed, and covered under our insurance and license. Our hourly workers are journeymen, meaning they are skilled workers who have completed official apprenticeship qualifications in their fields (tile, plumbing, electrical, et cetera).

Our team of project managers has extensive knowledge about financing home remodeling projects. Some homeowners have refinanced their mortgages to add funds to their remodeling projects. You may qualify for state incentives and programs if you wish to incorporate eco-friendly details such as energy-efficient light bulbs.

Homeowners 62 years of age and older are encouraged to consider reverse mortgages to assist in funding their remodels. Your credit union or bank may offer personal or home equity loans to assist in financing your full home remodel. You could also use your cash savings to fund your project.

We may help finance your project in various ways. Direct financing might be possible based on different factors, although we can also partner with local banks or other financing bodies to assist you in obtaining loan approval. If you possess home insurance and wish to make a repair for which you can file a legitimate claim, we are confident your insurance provider will approve us to do the work, which might increase your odds of obtaining bank approval for a loan even further.

Avoid hiring a home remodeling company that cuts corners to finish a project promptly. If you wish to retain a contractor for complete house remodeling, look for one with many positive reviews online. Some remodeling companies may offer to do your project at a lower cost. They may save you cash by retaining unlicensed subcontractors at a cheaper rate. That may cause problems later if some installation is not done correctly. You want to bypass all this and choose Orange County Home Remodeling as your preferred contractor.

Construction is often messy. It is dusty and dirty. Before it was beautiful, it was a construction zone. But we respect your property by laying down clean tarps as required and cleaning the traffic and workspace daily.

At Orange County Home Remodeling, we are staffed with highly trained and skilled employees. We have formal training in our circle and several years of practical, hands-on experience. We have worked on various buildings in Orange County and beyond, new and old, large and small, residential and commercial. We can take on all aspects of your home or commercial remodeling or construction project, from the beginning to the end, from ceiling to floor, and from the attic to the cellar.

Using tried-and-true, highest-quality materials and contemporary, reliable equipment and tools undoubtedly makes a significant difference in a remodeling project, just like experienced workers and a perfect plan, and we know that. Through the years, we have established what materials and tools work efficiently for each type of project we work on. Of course, we also help you choose the grade of materials that suits your budget. At each level, we understand which materials are of high quality and which are essential to attaining quality results.

Home remodeling comes with several advantages, making it worthwhile. Firstly, you will be content with achieving more usable outdoor or indoor space, better amenities and functionality, and improved aesthetics. Put otherwise; you will enjoy your home more for the period you are living there.

However, nowadays, people vacate and move into homes often, and even if you do not move out of your home, you might want to sell it when you finally retire. That is why the resale value that remodeling will add to your home is essential, and you will usually be able to recover a relatively high part of the expenses you used for home upgrades when you resell.

Often, your children in college return home after graduation or for summer holidays, and you need to allocate them a new room. Or, it could be that your elderly mother, who requires in-home family care, will come to live with you and require a separate room for herself. Or your family is simply expanding, and you desire that your home grow with it instead of moving.

At Orange County Home Remodeling, we can handle room addition projects and make the process as fast and smooth as possible. We can prepare the blueprints, obtain the permits, advise on how the addition could blend in with the existing building, and maintain the cleanliness of the job site. We can seal off the new opening until the additional room is appropriately insulated and enclosed to save on your electricity bill. Finally, we will work to minimize disruptions to your usual daily routine.

Some remodeling companies may turn down electrical or plumbing work, but we do not do that. We are experienced in all areas of property renovation, and we assure you that you will receive the highest-quality, safest work on your electrical and plumbing projects if you trust us to do the job.

All the premier construction and remodeling contractors have standard operating procedures to assist them in efficiently completing projects. Being among them, we devote ourselves to formulating and sticking to a construction and remodeling schedule. Our project managers will keep you informed throughout the process with periodic updates.

Consultation for Remodeling

Our beautiful home construction and remodels all began with an idea from the homeowners. You can share your idea for remodeling with us, and we can visit your property to take measurements. We will additionally take photos so our team of designers can develop various blueprints. You could also visit us at our office for a consultation. After that, we will take you to the showroom to see, feel, and touch other project materials, and we are confident this will inspire your remodeling project.

Developing a Remodel Plan

Once you have visualized what you wish your home or commercial property to be after renovations, our remodeling consultants will devise a detailed plan and schedule for your project. Avoid hiring contractors struggling to keep to the schedule and partner with us. We take the time to expound on any 3-dimensional drawing on your remodel project. Additionally, we can quote a more exact price for your project.

Remodeling Preconstruction

We will prepare to begin our work once you have received a breakdown of our workflow and agreed to a remodeling contract. Before demolishing any walls, we will gather the necessary materials and secure the required permits. Preparation is critical. We understand this, which is why we are one of the best remodeling contractors in Orange County.

Home Remodeling Construction

Once our crew has cleaned and prepared the site, it will demolish walls and dispose of anything not required. Our licensed and certified subcontractors will then come to handle any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC work.

After all the electrical and mechanical work is done, our renovators will erect any drywall, and then our carpentry experts will build cabinets if required. We will also install flooring in the last stages as we near the completion of our work.

Completion and Presentation of The New Remodel

Before we prepare your remodeling project for the final unveiling, we will walk you through a virtually completed remodeled property and explain all the work we have been doing. If you have minor suggestions, we will address them immediately. We strive to remain transparent to our clients, which is one reason we stay at the top across Orange County.

Whether you wish to do a simple bathroom renovation or a complete kitchen remodel, research is the initial step toward any remodeling project. Inspect your property and identify and record any design and functional problems you wish to correct. Ask yourself how you would like your home to be after renovations. If you come across any inspirations for function or design, note them too.

Our designers can also assist you in solidifying your vision. They will consider all your requirements and references while helping you achieve your dream. We can assist you in finding high-quality materials for your project and customize our services to accommodate maximum home use.

You have come up with the funds for complete remodeling and done your research; the next stage is hiring a contractor. Choosing from all the various remodeling contractors in Orange County may be challenging. Fortunately, as the ideal choice in remodeling services, we understand everything it takes to complete these projects on time.

When we come to your property to take measurements after you have awarded us the job, we will provide you with a schedule for which you can hold us accountable. Our project managers will communicate your project status regularly. We aim to respond to your questions before you even ask them.

Knowing the types of upgrades that can assist you in increasing the value of your home when you need to sell it is based on the kind of home you own and the person you are selling it to. Generally, these renovations will add substantial financial, functional, and aesthetic value to your home:

  • Remodeling projects that enhance lighting fixtures and natural lighting.
  • Installing or refinishing existing hardwood flooring.
  • Upgrades, such as a new siding or new roof, that minimize maintenance hassles.
  • Upgrades that improve your home’s efficiency.
  • Bathroom renovations with upgraded aesthetics and new fixtures.
  • Adding energy-efficient features throughout the home.
  • Kitchen remodels with new countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures.
  • Complete kitchen remodels using spacious layouts and quality materials.
  • Any exterior remodel that enhances the curb appeal of your home.
  • Renovations for an open layout floor plan.
  • Upgrades that add physical square footage to the home.

There are various things you should consider before you start any remodeling project. While there are many factors applicable to any kind of remodeling project, for a start, we suggest you think about these aspects when preparing for your project:

  • Your home remodeling goals.
  • Your aesthetic goals and preferences.
  • The preferences and needs of the people in the space.
  • Your remodeling budget.
  • Available space.
  • Your expectations for ROI (returns on investment).
  • Your flexibility in terms of time.
  • Your timeline for the renovation.
  • How the remodeling will impact your entire home.

Whether you wish to remodel your bathroom, renovate an outdated layout, or increase the value of your property with a home addition, we can assist you in making your remodeling dream come true. Call us today at 657-660-3481.

The ideal time to begin your remodeling project depends on several factors specific to your schedule and lifestyle. All things considered, the best time is what you think works perfectly. You may see it fit to start your project when it would be least disruptive to your daily schedule and lifestyle.

Interior projects like bathroom or kitchen remodeling can be performed year-round as they do not depend on the weather. Remodeling projects to be done on the exterior of your home, like an outdoor kitchen addition, could also be done any time of the year. However, doing these kinds of projects in the winter, spring, or fall is preferable to avoid heavy summer rains.

After securing your financing, you can schedule a consultation with us, during which we will answer all your questions and look at your project’s timeline before taking on your project, in addition to providing you with free estimates.


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