Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

Are you considering installing a BBQ station or outdoor kitchen for your home? It's no surprise that they're growing in popularity with each passing year, as they greatly improve the quality of outdoor activities like grilling, cooking, and hosting.

At Orange County Home Remodeling, we can provide you with step-by-step guidance and assistance throughout every stage of the installation of your outdoor kitchen/barbecue. We can handle everything, including design, preparation, building, appliance installation, and adding the final touches.

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Are Outdoor Kitchens/Barbecues Worth the Investment?

In the past, only a relatively small number of people—those who could afford it—invested in fully functional, modern outdoor kitchens and barbecue stations. However, they are now becoming increasingly popular with every year that goes by.

The popularity of outdoor cooking stations has led many homeowners to consider their installations. Below are more reasons why homeowners are choosing to install outdoor kitchens and barbecue stations:

Outdoor Cooking Could Be A Lot Of Fun

Instinctively, most people are drawn to preparing meals in the great outdoors. Having an outside space dedicated just for grilling and cook-outs would be a dream come true for many homeowners.

To Host and Entertain Guests

If you hold many parties and often bring your loved ones and neighbors over, you would like an inviting outside space where guests can rest, eat, and get entertainment. The answer lies in a well-equipped outdoor kitchen and BBQ. If your guests are business associates, you may place even more emphasis on providing a memorable event.

To Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air

Taking more time in one's backyard could provide numerous mental and physical health benefits, in addition to having access to natural light and air, as well as the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the scenery and the sounds of nature. Creating warm and welcoming outdoor spaces will motivate you and your loved ones to make the most of more time there.

Raising the Value of Your House

Adding outdoor cooking and a BBQ area to your property could increase its value significantly. An outdoor kitchen and entertainment area not only adds value to your house and makes it more appealing to potential buyers, but may also increase the rate at which your property sells.

Project Planning and Design

Our team at Orange County Home Remodeling can help you with every step of the process as you prepare to build your outdoor kitchen and barbecue area. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you as you navigate this phase and consider various alternatives for the building materials, structural layouts, site selection, appliance placement, and other crucial elements. After listening to your goals and ideas, we can provide professional recommendations that will enable you to turn your backyard into the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

The following are some of the most crucial elements to take into account while making plans to construct an outdoor kitchen or barbecue:

  • Choosing the ideal location—when planning, you must take into account factors like easy access to the inside kitchen, the grill placement that keeps grill smoke from wafting into the dining area, as well as a location that offers you both a pleasant ambiance and an appropriate amount of privacy.
  • Choosing the layout, dimensions, materials, appliances, and aesthetics for your new outdoor cooking and grilling space—this will decide the number of people who can be hosted and entertained at once, how quickly you can prepare/grill a huge dinner, as well as how much money you will need to invest.
  • Organize your outdoor BBQ/kitchen into various "zones," each with a different function—Perhaps you'd want to have separate "compartments" for various activities, including cooking, grilling, eating, cleaning up, relaxing, and chatting around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.
  • Think about Maintenance—consider beforehand how you will maintain the outdoor kitchen or barbecue. Additionally, you should choose appliances and materials that are made to withstand the outdoors and that require the least amount of maintenance. Here, it's crucial to keep the oven or grill clean, clean the seats, bars, and counters, and drain the dishwasher.

Features You Can Incorporate into Your New Outdoor Kitchen or Barbecue

If you're thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen or barbecue, Orange County Home Remodeling can take care of everything from start to finish. To help you get started planning your outdoor kitchen, we've compiled a list of a few common features homeowners like to have:

High-Quality Grill That Can Be Free-Standing or Built-In

Our team can build a beautiful enclosure for the new grill and install all of the required gas and electrical connections. A veneer made of natural stone, stucco, or brick could be what you're looking for. We can install it for you. Or perhaps you'd prefer to have your barbecue customized rather than buying one already put together?

We can help you with this as well. Additionally, you might want to think about including "extras" such as warming drawers, hooks to hold your grilling tools, searing stations, side burners, storage drawers, and a rooftop cover to minimize the effect of the weather. We at Orange County Home Remodeling are capable of building a grilling station customized to your specifications.

More Appliances To Complete/Complement Your Barbecue

In addition to the outdoor grill, you could choose to put in fryers, a pizza oven, an ice machine, a dispenser, a freezer or refrigerator, etcetera. We also offer masonry and carpentry services in case you'd like to have your refrigerator built in, attached beneath the work surface, or any other appliances installed.

Countertops Designed For Outdoor Use

The counter area is among the most important features of most outdoor kitchens. Granite, ceramic, soapstone, stainless steel, and slate are all well-liked and hold up well in the elements. Your countertop will provide you the space to set out your dishes, prepare meals, and place foods that have just come off the grill, as well as add style to the entire look.

Countertops can be mounted on steel, concrete, brick, stone, or other types of cabinet structures. We can assist you in choosing materials that are resistant to the elements and sealing everything tightly to keep away bugs.

Sinks Made of Stainless Steel

To prevent rusting, outdoor sinks almost always need to be made of stainless steel. Whether you need one or two sinks, we can fit them into your existing countertop and cabinet layout. You should also think about installing a high-quality faucet in the outdoor sink. If you'd like, we can supply hot water for the outdoor sink, and we'll make sure it flows properly to remove wastewater from the dining area.

Stylish And Fully-Functional Cabinetry

Outdoor kitchens frequently have both overhead and under-counter cabinets installed. It's important to have all your pots, bowls, and other cooking items within easy reach.

Consider using a pergola, or an overhanging decking to protect your cabinetry from the elements. Also take notice that the best materials for outdoor longevity are stainless steel, marine-grade polymer, and teak wood.

Bars And Islands

Seating is undoubtedly necessary, but you could also choose to put up a breakfast nook or an outdoor kitchen island in addition to tables and chairs. You can fit beverage coolers and ice makers into outdoor islands as well as use the area behind the bar for additional storage.

Outdoor Fireplaces And Fire Pits

An outdoor cooking/barbecue area typically features pro-quality stone fire pits that include rotisseries. Additionally, an outdoor fireplace can serve as your focal point in your lounge or dining area. Guests can get cozy around the fire pit.

Premium Flooring

You wouldn't want guests to be inconvenienced by having to stand in the grass, mud, or dirt. The "floor" could already be there—on your deck or patio. However, you might need to put in more decking or patio pavers. Alternatively, you could choose to put a floor made of stone, concrete, or brick underneath the outdoor kitchen.

Lighting Fixtures

Most outdoor parties and dinner preparations happen in the evening, so it's important to have strategically positioned, appealing, and energy-saving lighting. To ensure everyone's safety and comfort, make sure the kitchen, dining room, and other necessary spaces are well-lit.

You should use fixtures that are rated for outdoor usage, and we are going to have to set up the wiring as well as the outlets. Additional lighting options include dimmers, ceiling fans that feature lights, floodlights, and motion sensors.

Protection and Privacy

To provide privacy and provide shade, you can request us to put up a stone wall, trellis, and a privacy fence. We can also put up retractable awnings, patio coverings, pergolas, roof-attached overhangs, and other efficient wind, rain, and sun safeguards to shield your guests from the elements.

Types of Outdoor Kitchens/Barbecues

You can rely on Orange County Home Remodeling to not only construct and install the different parts of your bbq/outdoor kitchen but also to guide the type of outdoor kitchen you should construct. Even if you have a clear concept of what you want for your outdoor kitchen, you might find some of the following suggestions from the work we've done for other clients helpful.

Family Style

Depending on your preferences, you can set up your barbecue and outdoor kitchen just outside your back door or a little bit further. In any case, you might want to set up a large central table with lots of chairs while keeping the barbecue and food preparation area well away from the dining and entertainment areas. There will be a deck or patio for you to stand on, and the entire area will be covered by an overhang.

Garden Dining

The limits of this outdoor cooking space will be defined by both hardscapes and greenery to create a cozy atmosphere. The garden won't be too far away, allowing you to easily gather in-season veggies whenever you choose. The eating area, which can consist of a picnic table and chairs under a pergola, can be situated close to the cooking space to avoid smoke drift.

Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

Another option is to put your BBQ or outdoor kitchen right next to your outdoor pool. The dining spaces will be beside the swimming area, but there will also be a close-by shelter that includes an outdoor fireplace where guests can gather in case of sudden downpours or to unwind after a swim.

Rustic Saloon

Many outdoor kitchens and grills include backyard bars. The bar construction can be made from sturdy natural stones, bamboo, or cedar. The bar and grilling station can be situated close by, with an outdoor fireplace for social gatherings. One other option is to set up a TV in a covered area outside to watch all of your favorite sporting events.

Game and Grill

You can consider constructing an outside kitchen, barbecue, and gaming room that is sheltered and semi-enclosed, especially for your teenagers' parties. In addition to the kitchen and a mini-diner, you could also incorporate a pool or table tennis table, as well as a basketball hoop, all of which would be safely tucked away from all the activity in the backyard.

These are merely 5 examples out of the countless options you have, so you'll want to come up with an arrangement that suits you. However, Orange County Home Remodeling has the know-how to design an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area that exceeds your expectations and fits the specific mood you hope to achieve and what you want to use it for.

Find an Outdoor Kitchen/Barbecue Remodeling Contractor Near Me

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