General Remodeling

Remodeling your home is ideal for breathing new life into it. An elegantly remodeled kitchen with ample storage and a huge island, timeless bathroom designs, a landscape with an inviting appeal, and a living room that is your home's focal point could be all you need to transform your house into a perfect home. However, managing the renovation can be overwhelming and requires expertise and careful attention to ensure excellent design and craftsmanship.

Orange County Home Remodeling is a market leader in the construction and remodeling industry. Our experienced general contractors and project specialists can offer you the highest level of product knowledge and craftsmanship. With our experience and attention to detail, your dream home can come true at competitive costs, regardless of the room you want to transform or your project's size. Please continue reading this article to learn about some of our projects.

Flooring for Home Remodel

Renovation is a huge undertaking, and if your project involves your entire home, flooring installation is a key piece of the puzzle that unites your space. Since there are several flooring options, how do you determine which works best for your space?

Here are the various options:

  • Hardwood flooring — This option has been popular on the podium for many years and is a classic choice for homeowners. It is simple to install and elegant. It can also give your home the warmth, value, and beauty of wood that remains in style.
  • Laminate flooring option — Laminate flooring is a high-performance, pocket-friendly alternative to natural wood. It is quickly becoming popular in home remodels because it offers high-end aesthetics and functionality.
  • Vinyl flooring option — Vinyl flooring is affordable, easy to install, and durable synthetic flooring. It is ideal for homes with pets and children who often spill beverages and foods.
  • Ceramic tiles and porcelain flooring — This option is ideal for high-traffic, moist spaces in your home, like kitchens and bathrooms. With ceramic tiles and porcelain flooring, you will enjoy elegant and water-proof flooring in various colors and styles.

When remodeling your home, your flooring type of choice will significantly affect your home’s comfort and look. That is why you should carefully analyze the different options and engage an expert to guide you.

Carpentry Services

Customized woodwork and trim add warmth and elegance to any room. Choosing the natural look of wood is a perfect choice that can match any décor, irrespective of which room in your home requires a makeover.

  • Custom bookcases and shelving — Built-in bookcases are pocket-friendly. Your contractor could build and install storage elements like shelves and bookcases with the finest wood available. All you need to do is decide on the look you desire and the storage you require, and your contract will take it from there.
  • Mantels and cabinets — You can hire carpentry services to build customized cabinets for any space to meet your style and dimension preferences. Customized wood cabinets can give your kitchen a timeless look, your bathrooms a luxurious touch, and the laundry room a sophisticated feel.
  • Countertops — Consider a custom wood design if it is time to replace your kitchen countertops. Many options include tigerwood, butcher block, bamboo, and teak.
  • Fireplace mantels and surrounds — Transforming your outdated fireplace with customized carpentry can make the fireplace your room’s focal point, regardless of whether it is burning.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling will allow you to ensure your bathroom is more functional and elegant without removing cabinets or tearing down walls. Think of replacing fixtures, refining surfaces, changing colors, and ensuring all things align with contemporary safety standards and rules.

Some ideas to incorporate into your bathroom remodel include:

  • Installing freestanding bathtubs — Back in the day, built-in deck bathtubs were popular, but they took up a lot of space and are now outdated. On the other hand, a freestanding bathtub is timeless, elegant, and simple to reface.
  • Choose an under mount sink — Coming in different styles, prices, and colors, installing an undermount sink in a bathroom is a worthwhile investment you will not regret. Undermount sinks are installed beneath countertops. They are easy to clean.
  • Upgrading your toilet — Although your basic toilet can be practical, a bathroom remodel will allow you to switch the normal out for something more luxurious. Consider incorporating self-cleaning, automatic flushing, and heated seats into your design.
  • The color palette — Who said that a bathroom has to be neutral in color? You can think of bright cabinets, dark walls, or pink tiles that complement perfectly with vinyl flooring, as long as you love your bathroom color scheme.
  • Adding steam to showers — One way to incorporate self-care into your daily routine is to replace your normal showers with steam showers. Steam showers recreate a memorable spa experience at home, especially when they incorporate lighting, Wi-Fi, and aromatherapy.
  • Prioritize lightning — If the only lighting system in the bathroom is a bulb, you might not get the best out of your daily grooming routine. While vanity lighting is essential, you can enjoy it more by adding ambient fixtures to your bathroom and installing shower lighting.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is one of the most expensive spaces to renovate, costing over $5,000. Therefore, before hiring an expert, here are some tips to give your kitchen a makeover that suits your budget.

  • Painted cabinets — Instead of ubiquitous wood tones, enliven your space with yellow, green, red, and blue hues.
  • Faucet — Your faucet is the most challenging part of your kitchen; therefore, go for convenience and quality. If your sink is in front of a window, check the faucet and handle clearances to ensure it fits. When selecting a sink to complement it, the principle of simplicity and sophistication applies. Purchase a single basin that does not exceed ten inches.
  • Consider quartz — Quartz is an artificial countertop material that resembles stone. It is stain-proof, chip-proof, and scratch-proof but requires sealing. It comes in various looks that mimic the natural variegation of limestone and marble.
  • Consider wood-look flooring alternatives — Wood provides traditional, natural beauty but dents, wears, and scratches under kitchen conditions. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and come in different designs, including wood looks and convincing stones. However, the tiles are breakable when things fall on them. Therefore, it is worth considering softer alternatives like laminate and vinyl flooring, which are durable and come in different wood looks that many cannot tell the difference.
  • Smart appliances — Connecting your toaster, dishwasher, and oven to the internet allows you to control your kitchen appliances from your smart devices, increasing convenience.

Basement Refinishing

As a homeowner, you could require more space. While you can build a home addition, it will cost a lot of money.

If your home has a basement, you have additional space. Many people's basements are designed for essential services like water heaters, furnaces, and junk stores. Consider getting rid of all the junk and creating a cozy space.

However, you should consider the basics before transforming the basement into a comfortable, livable area.

Control Moisture

Basement refinishing is moisture-prone. If you can control the moisture, you can build almost everything in your basement, including features not meant to go there.

If your basement has significant moisture, it can be challenging to finish the space. You can treat minor moisture issues with water-lock paint and seal cracks with caulking. Dehumidifiers collect most moisture before it condenses on your basement ceiling and walls.

Decide on Your Basement Purpose

Since basements are dark, insular, and cold, they are only ideal for some uses.

If you require more space for a heliophile loved one, consider adding adequate sun tubes and windows for the individual.

A basement is perfect for uses that only require a little light, like a home movie theater, yoga space, or home gym.

Prioritize Your Wall System

You can install walls in the basement for either of the following reasons:

  • They are simple to run electrical wires and offer space for installing receptacles.
  • They make the space more pleasing.
  • They regulate temperature.

Due to moisture challenges, you should select steel studs; they have perfect dimensions and do not decay.

You can also consider foam insulation.

Plan Your Heating and Cooling System

In some houses, heating and cooling function perfectly. However, most basements require an additional heating and cooling system. An electrical baseboard heater is a great way to offer quick heat. Additionally, you can tap the HVAC ductwork running via the floor joists overhead into the basement.

Have a Lighting Plan

Many basement spaces have minimal lighting and height restrictions, making adding any lighting challenging. Consequently, can and recessed lights are common in basement remodeling.

Consider Landscaping

Thoughtful landscape design is fundamental to creating outdoor decor that inspires and revives you, regardless of whether you live in an estate in the country or a small courtyard in an urban setting. Everything from your flower bed designs to the type of grass plays a significant role in how you use your space and how often. Here are ideas to transform your yard, garden, or patio:

  • Plant trees.
  • Since your front walkway is your home’s first impression, spruce it up to look picture-perfect.
  • Do not underestimate the power of a well-maintained front yard or lawn.
  • Install landscape lighting to enhance security around your home.
  • Construct a fire pit if you love hosting and entertaining guests.
  • Add a water feature like a pond or fountain.
  • Consider spreading mulch to give your dull-looking yard an irresistible appeal and make your landscaping affordable.

Before doing anything to the yard, you should ask yourself:

Will I live in this home forever, or do I wish to list the property in real estate listings?

Answering this question will help you identify your priorities and landscaping projects that suit your needs and tastes.

Second, you should see yourself in your landscape. Your preferred landscape design should be influenced by how you plan to use it. A lawn is ideal for your pets to run around on and your children to play on, but it requires constant maintenance. Shade trees provide shade during sunny days, and a landscape with beautiful, colorful, well-trimmed shrubs offers curb appeal.

Other factors to consider are your maintenance schedule, shade and sun locations, and local climate.

Deck Staining Services

A deck is a significant element of a home. It is where you spend summer evenings creating memories with your relatives and sharing barbecues with friends on weekends. As a result, you want a material that is durable and can withstand different weather conditions. The most effective way to protect your deck is by staining it.

Staining also highlights the wood grain, boosts its appearance, and increases its lifespan by preventing insect infestation and rot. Many deck stain colors can complement the look of your treated wood. You can choose a clear stain to bring out your wood grain or a solid color to reveal your wood’s natural color.

House Painting

Over time, you will realize that your home requires renovation, not because it is getting old but because you want vibrant colors. You can make your home more welcoming by painting your exterior and interior walls rich and exquisite colors.

A tidy house gives a space a high degree of pleasantness and comfort. However, regardless of how tidy your home is, dirty-looking walls with fading paint can deface your environment and make the home look unkempt. Painting goes a long way toward improving your home’s appearance. Your general remodeling professional should help you choose the best color that suits your home’s ambiance and the best paint brands.

Other general renovation and remodeling services our experienced contractors offer include the following:

  • Windows and door remodeling.
  • Custom closets.
  • Laundry room remodeling.
  • Outdoor kitchen extension.
  • Fireplace remodeling.
  • Living space repair and renovations.
  • Home additions.

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