Patio Covers And Enclosures

Maybe you have just built a patio on your house and are excited about preparing a barbecue the following weekend. However, heavy showers leave you with no option but to postpone the barbecue. You would not have had to postpone the barbecue if you had installed a patio cover. A patio cover protects your property from adverse weather conditions and makes your patio usable all year. A patio cover also enhances your home's image and elevates its value. Our experts at Orange County Home Remodeling can help you install a new patio, extend the existing one, and install a patio cover to transform your outdoor patio into a haven free from rain, wind, and hot sun.

The Benefits of Installing a Patio Cover

A patio cover is a highly alluring asset that enhances outdoor space. It maximizes your dining experience, whether you are relaxing, working, or hosting family get-togethers. Without a patio cover, your time on the patio will be vulnerable to rain, wind, snow, harsh sunlight, and even insects. Here is what a patio cover can do for you:

  • Keep Things Cool

Your patio cover is the first line of defense, protecting your home against harsh sun rays. The sun's rays will first hit the patio cover, directing the rays away. Therefore, a patio cover keeps the patio cool and your entire home too. A cooler home during the summer means that your AC will work less, lowering your power bills.

  • Prevents Weather Damage

Over time, the sun hitting your patio furniture will make it peel and flake. A patio cover reflects the sun's rays away from the house and the furniture. This will keep the furniture looking good for years to come. So you will not require a replacement any time soon.

A patio cover protects your furniture from more than just the sun. It protects the furniture from inclement weather and saves your deck from ice and snow.

A patio cover is essential if you have a wooden deck since it is susceptible to weather damage. In addition, installing a patio cover will extend the life of your patio or deck and reduce maintenance costs, thus saving you money.

  • Create Usable Space

Installing a patio cover is an effective yet cheaper way of adding more usable space to your home. It is more affordable than remodeling or additions, yet it can add sizable space to your home.

After purchasing a house, you could realize that most of the space has been taken up by your family, personal belongings, and pets, making the place feel cluttered. Adding a patio cover with the proper insulation creates an entirely new room in your home in only a few months. You can use this space as a dining, storage, pet, play, or office space.

Perhaps you are looking for a good place to nurse your garden plants in the first few weeks or to grow potted outdoor plants. Installing a patio cover will transform your patio into the best location for potted plants.

  • A Cozy Place To Relax

Mostly during summer, the temperatures are rising, your kids are home for the holidays, and your electricity bills are at an all-time high due to extended use of air conditioning. It helps to have a place where you and your family can relax without using too much energy on the AC. With a patio cover, you can transform your patio into a space where your family can play games, have drinks, eat dinner, and more. You can add fans, TV screens, and stereo systems to make the patio as cozy and entertaining as possible.

  • Improves Your Home Value

The overall theme of your home, including the patio, patio cover, enclosure, and overall aesthetic, makes day-to-day living more exciting and improves your property's overall value. For example, adding a patio to your outdoor space under the right conditions creates a stylish and elegant addition to your home. You can add to this effect by being creative with the patio styles, colors, accessories, and furniture.

If you ever decide to relocate, sell, or refinance your mortgage, your home's value will be a top priority. Adding a patio cover can increase the usable space without increasing the tax. When you add a usable room to your property, you can use this as an attribute when listing your home for sale. This simple investment could earn you more money in the end.

Materials Used In Making Patio Covers

Patio covers can be made from different materials. You can choose from the following options:

Wooden Patio Covers

The wooden covers are perfect if you want to invest in simple yet elegant patio covers. Wood has served as a construction material for decades. It is popular for its natural colors and patterns. Wooden patios are common in many homes. It would be best to invest in a wooden patio cover, especially if your home or its roof is built of wood since it will blend in with the design.

However, before you invest in a wooden patio cover, you should know that wood requires maintenance, regular treatment for weather resistance, and regular polishing.

Acrylic Patio Covers

Acrylic patio covers, or vinyl, come in different colors and finishes. Acrylic covers are made of plastic, which can withstand adverse weather conditions. The leading benefit of acrylic covers is that they are easy to clean, maintain, and damage-resistant. However, vinyl can discolor if exposed to high UV radiation; therefore, applying paint or polish on the patio cover might be necessary.

Besides covering your patio, you can also use acrylic covers to shade your driveway and protect your vehicle from the scorching sun. Acrylic patio covers can be a great way to reduce your vehicle insurance. If your car is safely parked under a shade, it can reduce your vehicle insurance premiums without any hassle.

Aluminum Patio Covers

For metal patio covers, aluminum is the most common because of its lightweight, durability, and flexibility in design. Aluminum patio covers are durable and low maintenance, meaning that they will serve you for a long time. You can choose from various styles, designs, and colors depending on your unique preferences. You can also employ any faux finish on your aluminum patio covers to match the style and color of your choice.

Aluminum can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain and dampness, without significant wear and tear because of its high water and weather resistance properties.

Glass Patio Covers

A glass patio cover consists of panels fitted into slots in an aluminum or wooden patio cover frame. Compared to other patio covers, glass covers have larger inter-rafter gaps. Therefore, they allow the maximum light to stream through the paneling. In addition, the glass covers contain a film that screens out harmful UV light and reduces glare. You could also go for tinted glass panels, depending on your preference.

Patio Cover Styles

Patio covers also come in different styles:

Solid Patio Covers

If you live in an area with snowfall or heavy rain, you could go for a covered patio, especially for winters; the solid patio covers are handy. These patio covers will completely cover your patio or deck to protect you from harsh weather conditions.


Pergolas are made of metallic or wooden beams that extend from the column or the supporting walls. These patio covers are ideal if you are looking for patio shade and shelter. Pergolas are popular for their stylish and modern look. While some pergolas run straight, others are arched. Like with the solid wood patio covers, you can attach the pergolas to the fascia board, but often, pergolas are freestanding even if they are built close to your house.

Latticed Patio Covers

These are partial covers for your deck or patio. They come in different shapes and sizes. Our experts can combine different lattices to form an elegant and appealing pattern.

The Process Of Installing Patio Covers

Our experts will handle every aspect of your patio cover installation from the beginning to the end. We will start by listening to your needs and how you would like your patio cover to look. Then, we will bring our expertise and experience to deliver the patio cover design you seek.

We will take all the necessary measurements and guide you through the material selection and estimates. Then, after agreeing on the design and the cost estimates, we will get started on your project without delay.

We do not subcontract work. We will handle the patio cover installation project until the end. We will prepare the patio area, including the points where we will attach the patio cover, frame the joists, and place the support posts. We will also add other necessary features like inter-post railings, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.

We are prompt, and you can expect us to complete the whole project anywhere between one day and one week, but this will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. We put our quality workmanship into every aspect of the patio cover installation process.

We Can Build Other Outdoor Enclosures For You

Sometimes, you could choose not to cover the deck or patio area but to enclose it fully. An enclosure creates a transitional room between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. For example, an enclosure has one door leading to the inside of the house and another leading to the outside.

We can also build a screen room. This enclosure contains screened windows that allow sunlight and fresh air but prevent insects from entering. The enclosure also consists of a screen door.

Our experts can also build you a pool enclosure. This enclosure can sit above or around your in-ground or outdoor pool, creating plenty of space to walk, sit, and recreate. In addition, a pool enclosure allows greater use of your pool area and accords you with the desired privacy when using the pool. An enclosure also removes the leaves and other dirt that can enter the pool, reducing maintenance costs.

We can also create a sunroom for you. This outdoor enclosure is a glass room. It is more like a glass patio cover but contains extended walls to offer full protection. The sunroom frame can be wood, brick, aluminum, or stone. The glass is designed in such a way as to filter out UV rays, resist impacts, and trap heat. You will enjoy free heating in the sunroom, which will help you significantly save on your power bill.

Our experienced professionals are also experts in building carports. These outdoor enclosures can be made with any material, including wood, vinyl, acrylic, and others.

We Install Retractable Awnings For Patios And Decks

We can also install retractable awnings over part of your deck or patio. The awning will give you shelter and shade on days when the weather is not perfect, but it will also allow you to enjoy the sunshine when there is perfect weather.

We will guide you through selecting the best model or brand of a retractable awning and installing it on your patio. In addition, you can choose between automatic and manual retraction methods. The awnings are also available in various colors, materials, sizes, shapes, and styles.

Why Choose Our Services

With so many home remodeling companies in Orange County, why should you choose our services? We have been in the home remodeling industry for years and understand everything about it. Our experts will take the time to listen to your needs to enable them to install a patio cover that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Despite providing quality workmanship, we do not overcharge our clients. Instead, we deliver affordable services in as little time as possible.

We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed home remodeling company. In every project we undertake, we always put the needs of our clients first.

Our experts will communicate with you throughout the construction process, updating you on the project's progress.

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