Upgrading and beautifying your home's outdoor space is just as crucial as renovating or remodeling your indoor space. While most people spend most of their time indoors, others love to soak in outdoor spaces to enjoy tantalizing aromas, beautiful plants, gorgeous flowers, sunshine, the sounds of nature, and fresh air.

Whether it is your home or business, having an appealing outdoor space for you or your clients to relax is an area worth your consideration for many reasons. A beautiful and well-landscaped outdoor space can make a significant difference for you, your customers, or your family.

Aside from being an oasis where you can relax and rewind, a well-landscaped outdoor area or lawn can create a great impression of your business and generate positive feelings. Whether you are considering adding flower beds, greenery, or other enhancements to your home yard or business, hiring an expert for the job should be your first step to help you bring your vision to life.

Our team of experts at Orange County Home Remodeling understands the importance of landscaping and upgrading your lawn or yard in a home or business. If you are looking for an experienced team of experts to help you handle your outdoor upgrade and remodeling project, you can count on us to help you turn your dream into reality.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Business or Home Outdoor Space

People have different reasons or motivations for investing in outdoor spaces and landscape upgrades. However, the common reasons why businesses and homeowners choose to upgrade their lawns through landscaping include the following:

It Boosts Your Property Value and Economic Benefits

Proper landscaping is a beneficial investment for home and commercial property owners. Properly installed and maintained landscaping can increase your home's or property's monetary value. Aside from boosting your property's market value, a well-maintained and aesthetic landscape can attract potential tenants or customers.

If you want to sell your home, upgrading or landscaping your lawn could be beneficial in the long run. Potential buyers will likely spend more on your home if it has aesthetic landscaping on the front and back. Similarly, if you are a business owner, customers will likely pay more for your services if your building's lawn has attractive greenery and a well-maintained landscape.

Improved Air and Water Quality

Lawn care and landscaping are also a plus for the environment, improving the air quality and drinking water. Aside from eliminating carbon dioxide in the air and producing oxygen, trees and other plants around your lawn can trap smoke and dust particles, improving the air quality.

Additionally, grasses, trees, and plants around your lawn or yard can act as buffers against runoff and soil erosion, reducing the flow of pollutants and sediments into nearby water bodies, including rivers.

Trees Can Help Provide Cooler Temperatures

Plants, grass, and trees in your lawn can provide cooler temperatures in your business or home throughout the year, lowering your air conditioning needs and costs. Trees on your business or home lawn can also help provide shade during sunny or hot days, reducing attic temperatures significantly.

Increased Living or Dwelling Space

Although most homeowners often consider the interior of their houses when they think about living spaces, a well-designed and landscaped lawn could create an additional space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. At its best, a yard or landscape surrounding your home could serve as an extension of your indoor or interior living space.

Window frame views of your yard from the house can complement and boost your home's experience and ambiance. Adding new fixtures like perennials, focal points, flowering plants, and hardscapes can create an appealing environment you can enjoy outside and inside your house.

Improved Quality of Life

Landscaping your lawn at home or in your business area can also help boost the quality of your life. Creating a well-landscaped lawn with plenty of green and flowering plants, a backyard fire pit, and aesthetically pleasing water features could give you a peaceful oasis for relaxing and unwinding.

Sitting or walking through a natural environment can help boost your mood, memory, and attention, improving your quality of life.

Landscape Design and Planning

Once you contact us for assistance with your lawn landscaping project, our team of experts will listen keenly to your goals and vision to create a plan to bring them to life. Our experienced team of experts will gladly offer the necessary advice and answer all your questions about landscaping, including the best landscape designs that will suit your lawn's size and shape.

We will work hand in hand with you at every stage of this landscape project to ensure everything turns out as you envisioned it or beyond. Our experts are familiar with the best landscaping material vendors and will help you buy and gather everything you need to start and finish this project successfully as planned, including:

  • Drainage control pipes.
  • Stone pavers.
  • Plastic weed guard.
  • Topsoil.
  • Creek pebbles.
  • Landscaping timber.
  • Concrete blocks.
  • Bricks.
  • Gravel.
  • Natural rocks.

We will also recommend and help you choose flowers and plants that attract bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife to your lawn.

However, before we begin your landscape-making or construction process, we will inspect all sections of your lawn that you intend to landscape thoroughly. The purpose of doing this is to determine if some possible unforeseen factors or issues could impact the project's success, such as:

  • Sloping terrain.
  • Drainage issues.

Your Ideal Landscape Making or Construction Process

Once we determine a suitable landscape design for your lawn and gather all the necessary materials, we will begin making your ideal and envisioned oasis as soon as possible. We will plan the date to start your project at your most convenient date and time.

Our team of experts has commendable work ethics and will arrive at your home or business area at regular working hours and complete the job in full days or the necessary hours. We are also legally bonded, licensed, and insured, meaning you can be certain of the utmost safety on your premises during your landscape construction period.

If necessary, our landscapers could begin the project by demolishing unneeded concrete slabs and structures around your lawn. If there are stumps or dead trees around your lawn, our landscapers must remove them before beginning the landscape construction process.

After that, we will grade your lawn to facilitate proper water drainage by mixing the soil and filling sunken areas with the soil mixture. Once the digging and grading of your lawn are complete, we will begin the next stage of your landscape construction, which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Building of perimeter or retaining walls.
  • Decks, patios, walking paths, and pavement construction.
  • Barbeques, kitchen, and fire pits installation.
  • Swimming pool installation.
  • Water features installations like fountains, ponds, and reflecting pools.
  • Tree, flowers, and grass planting.
  • Outdoor lighting installation.

Elements of Well-Thought and Elegant Landscaping

Although every person has his/her taste, and our landscapers are ready to customize every part of this project to the exact design you envision, you need to beware of what well-planned landscaping looks like. We will offer you the necessary advice and guidance on the following crucial elements of well-thought-out and elegant landscaping:

  • "Play" With Colors Wisely

We will guide you in choosing attractive colors that contrast sharply, create harmony, and match your house's exterior design colors. You can create unity, vibrancy, and great moods by choosing colors for your landscape materials or features wisely.

  • Great Textures

Your foliage choices, including plant branches, leaves, and bark of certain plants, can add texture to your landscaping scenery. A yard or lawn without plants would appear bare, empty, and unattractive. That is why you should take your time to select aesthetic plants and trees that can boost the beauty of your landscape space.

  • Pay Adequate Attention to Edges and Lines

The edges of your rock walls, garden beds, pathways, patios, decks, and other landscape features play a significant role in the beauty and serenity of your lawn. Our landscapers can use circles, straight lines, curves, and sharp angles to creatively create a unique ambiance in your home or business area lawn space.

  • Form (Shapes) and Scale

We can also help you create unique shapes or forms and vary or scale the size relationships between the landscape objects on your lawn. All this can have a mind-blowing effect on the overall aesthetic appearance of your lawn space.

Potential Issues an Elegant Landscape Design Could Solve

In some cases, home and business owners have motivations or reasons other than those mentioned above that make them embark on a landscaping project. There could be a specific issue or problem that you intend to overcome through landscaping.

For instance, steep terrain, mud spots, poor drainage, children's safety on the lawn, an inadequate parking lot, and privacy could be some of the problems proper landscaping could fix. Other issues our team of experienced landscapers could help you fix or diminish through smart and well-thought-out landscaping choices include the following:

  • Installing shades in areas exposed to too much sunlight.
  • Planting windbreak trees and hedges to reduce wind gust.
  • Masking noises or nuisances from your neighbors with waterfalls and fountains on their lawn.
  • Breaking up your large lawn into small "outdoor rooms or spaces" that offer you different functions.
  • Installing deck stairs and retaining walls to utilize any heavily sloped ground on your lawn.

Above are a few of the problems our skilled and creative landscapers could help you solve or reduce by implementing the best and most trendy landscaping designs on your lawn.

What to Consider When Choosing a Landscaping Company for Your Landscaping Project

There are several landscaping companies, but finding a reliable one could be time-consuming and a hassle. For the best landscaping services, you should find a company with the following:

Credible Reputation

Building a credible reputation and trust with your clients takes several years. Past client comments on your prospective landscaping company's social profiles and websites can speak volumes about the quality of services to expect. If your prospective landscaping company has a credible reputation among its past clients, you can expect the best services on your project once you hire them.

Significant Experience Offering Landscaping Services

Although every professional was once an amateur, you would not want to risk settling for the services of an amateur on this important project in your home or business offices. Ensure the landscaper you settle for understands everything about landscaping after working with several other clients like you for the same services.

An experienced landscaper can listen to your ideas and vision about the ideal landscape and lawn space you would want and help you bring them to life with the minimum cost possible.

Legit Licensing Credentials

Another way to separate mediocre experts from professionals is by checking whether their licensing credentials are up-to-date and legit. If your prospective landscaping company is unlicensed, it would be wise to continue searching for a reliable service provider because that is already a signal that the company is unreliable.

Courteous and Respectful Team of Experts

Since the landscapers will spend a significant period on your premises and around your children and property, you want to ensure the landscaping company you choose has a respectful and courteous team of experts. During your initial consultation, you should observe how they speak with you to gauge their courteousness and professionalism.

If your instinct tells you they are not the right and dependable professionals for the work, you should look for a different service provider.

Cost of Services

Ultimately, the landscaping company you will settle for has to offer you affordable services that fit your budget for this project. Although cheap is not a guarantee of reliable and best services, it is wise to find a company with an affordable and reasonable cost of services.

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