Outdoor Decks and Deck Remodeling

Outdoor decks are wooden or composite platform structures that offer outdoor living space for your home. Adding a deck to your home is a practical home remodeling project. An outdoor deck provides an ideal relaxing space for you and your guests. Additionally, the value of your home can increase significantly after building or remodeling your deck.

Most people purchase already-constructed homes. Therefore, you may have little control over the size and structure. You can customize your outdoor deck to your needs when you build or remodel it. Any renovation project you do at your home will affect the home's appearance and value. Therefore, having expert guidance throughout the project is critical.

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Types of Outdoor Decks for Your Home

Building or renovating your outdoor deck involves consulting a home remodeling expert for the right design and materials. The following are common types of outdoor decks you can consider for your project:

Attached Deck

The most common outdoor deck design is attached to the home structure. This type of deck extends your existing living space and is accessible by doors that allow free movement throughout the home. An attached deck can be a simple ground-level or multilevel structure.

An attached deck is often very strong. However, since you make some adjustments to the home area where the deck is attached, you must conform to the state's building and construction requirements.

Detached Deck

A detached deck is an outdoor space not attached to the home's structure. Instead, it stands alone in your yard. You can build a detached deck without an elaborate structure. Therefore, you can do such a renovation project with little or no help from a builder. Although a detached deck is easy to create, you will require an additional walkway for access.

Multi-Level Deck

With a multi-level deck, you build separate decks connected by stairways. The terrain of your home may dictate the need for a multi-level deck. Instead of leveling the ground in sloppy or hilly areas of your home, you can install multiple levels for the deck.

Swimming Pool Deck

Building a deck around your swimming pool is a great way to make the area slip-resistant. A deck allows swimmers to lounge around the pool. If you have children in the swimming pool, a parent or caretaker can relax on the deck as they supervise them. You can create a pool deck for yourself. However, constant maintenance and repairs are required.

Building and Remodeling Materials for Outdoor Decks

An outdoor deck is a great investment for your home. Whether you want to create additional living space or entertain your guests, building or remodeling your deck is worth the effort. However, for any home renovation project, you want to ensure that it lasts and will not incur ongoing repair costs.

Using the right materials to remodel your deck or build a new one is critical and the wisest decision you can make for your project. When choosing the materials for your deck, you must consider the hot California weather and the outlook of your deck.

The following are some popular decking materials you can choose from:

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treatment increases the material's resistance to insects and rotting. For this reason, the material is very durable. Compared to other traditional decking materials, pressure-treated wood is a cheaper option. This type of decking material is perfect if you are working on a budget.

Although industry-specific standards have changed, some chemicals used in wood treatment can harm the environment. Wood is a natural material. Therefore, constant exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration and make your deck look old. You can prevent the discoloration of your wooden deck by applying paint.

Pressure-treated wood can build a beautiful and durable outdoor deck. However, you will need constant maintenance to keep your project in good condition.


Redwood may be the best material for your outdoor deck building and remodeling if your coffers are deep enough. The deep reddish color of redwood makes your deck gorgeous. Additionally, redwood has natural chemicals that keep away termites. High-grade redwood decks can serve you for up to two decades before requiring replacement.

However, the chemical tannin on the wood is not evenly disturbed. Therefore, decay resistance needs to be more consistent.

Cedar Decking

Cedar has a long history of outdoor deck construction. The benefits of choosing cedar for your deck remodeling or construction include the following:

  • Durability. Cedar is a durable wood that can serve you for a long time. It has increased resistance to decay, rot, insects, and moisture absorption. When you maintain your cedar deck appropriately, it can serve you for up to twenty years.
  • Attractive. The color and consistency of cedar make it the most attractive wood solution for your deck. Additionally, you can treat or sand the wood for a beautiful finish.
  • Environmental friendly. Compared to synthetic products, cedar is more environmentally friendly. Cedar removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and is biodegradable.

Although cedar is attractive and durable, you must check out the following cons before choosing it for your deck remodeling project:

  • Sensitivity. Cedar is a softwood. Therefore, your cedar deck may be more vulnerable to scratching by furniture and pets.
  • Constant maintenance. Your cedar deck must remain well sealed or stained at all times.

Composite Decking

A composite decking material is a product made from combining recycled polyethylene and wood fiber. Composite decking looks and functions better than other materials. Over the years, the use of composite for building new decks or remodeling existing ones has increased in popularity.

The benefits of using composite for your decking project include:

  • Superior durability. Composite decks are built with multiple materials, which makes your deck extremely durable. Its increased wear and tear resistance ensures that you can use the deck for several decades before replacement.
  • Minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden decks that you must paint or stain to protect them from decay and insects, composite decking requires minimal maintenance.
  • Variety. Wooden decks can be painted to meet your aesthetic needs. However, you may need to touch up the paint over time. With composite decking, the material is available in different colors and finishes. This ensures that your deck can maintain its appearance.
  • No splinters. You can comfortably walk on your composite deck without worrying about splinters. This is good news for a home with children and pets.

The main drawback of using composite decking is the price. Using composite, your deck remodeling or building project may cost you more. Therefore, there may be better material for you if you are working on a budget.

Vinyl Decking

For several decades, vinyl decking has been a fierce competitor for wood and composite decks. The hollow structure of the vinyl makes the board cooler even under the hot California sun. For the deck builder, vinyl is lighter and easier to work with. However, vinyl is more flexible under the foot, and the color choices are limited.


Metal can be a good material for outdoor decking. The benefits you will accrue from using aluminum for your deck include the following:

  • Low weight. Aluminum is a very light material that makes construction and renovation easy. Additionally, there are fewer accidents during construction.
  • Strength. Compared to other decking materials, aluminum is a strong flooring material. Despite being lightweight, aluminum is versatile and not easily damaged.
  • Environmentally friendly. Aluminum can be obtained from recycling other materials. This makes the material excellent for greed credentials.
  • Weather resistance. Even in salty water, aluminum can resist corrosion for many years. You will not need constant repairs when you use aluminum to build or remodel your outdoor deck.

Ipe Wood

Ipe is a type of hardwood known for its beautiful brown and amber tones. The high rot resistance and durability make it a costly option for your deck's building or remodeling. However, paying the high initial price is worth it. This is because ipe is very durable, and you will not need to incur the cost of constant maintenance and repair.

Benefits of Building or Remodeling Your Outdoor Deck

Building or renovating your outdoor deck is the wisest decision to maximize your outdoor living space. The following are amazing benefits of building an outdoor deck for your home:

Expand Your Entertaining Space

When you love hosting parties, space is a significant aspect of your home. If you feel cramped inside with all your guests, you can create more space by building an outdoor deck. You can expand a small deck to meet your needs if you already have a small deck. In addition to creating enough space for your friends and family, you can keep the party mess outside the main living area.

Increase in Home Value

Whether or not you plan to sell your home, adding an outdoor deck can significantly increase its value. Many home buyers are looking for homes with great outdoor spaces that are not readily available. If you are selling your home, you can use a beautifully constructed deck as a selling point. Purchasing a home with a newly built or remodeled deck can save a buyer the cost and time of constructing the extension.

Improves Aesthetic Appeal

Deck designs come in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes. Adding a custom deck to your home can increase the visual appeal of your entire home. Before you begin the deck building or remodeling project, you can seek expert guidance on the materials and designs that complement your home.

Customized Living Space

When you purchase a home, you may not be too keen on the deck if other areas meet your needs. Fortunately, you can remodel or build a new deck according to your taste. When deciding on an outdoor deck design, you can consider features that fit your lifestyle and support your family's needs.

Dual-level decks with defined sitting areas encourage conversation and create ample space for reading or entertaining guests. You can also store sporting equipment and other items you want to keep out of the main house.

Increased Space for Outdoor Décor

With a large enough deck, you can place items like garden sculptures and potted plants to create the backyard of your dreams. If you love to decorate your home, you can build an outdoor deck with a built-in planter. Even when you are not outdoors, creating a beautiful space with relaxing décor on your deck can inspire you to spend more time outside.

East and Fast Building Process

Unlike other home renovations, building or remodeling your deck is easy. When you choose the right material and your desired design and hire a competent builder, everything else will fall into place. Building an average outdoor deck takes only a few days.

You will not need to worry about furniture and other household items when building or renovating your outdoor deck.

You Can Add Other Structures

An outdoor deck is like a blank canvas. You can use the deck to improve your home's outlook and create more space. Building an outdoor deck allows you to add other structures to your home. If you want to give your deck an elegant look, you can build a pergola or gazebo.

Additionally, you can pull out a shed from your deck to store home equipment that takes up too much space. If you want to add another structure to your deck, you must ensure that it has a string structure to support the additions.

Find an Experienced Home Remodeling Expert Near Me

As an extension of your home and lifestyle, your outdoor deck should provide a lasting outdoor experience. For this reason, you must be careful when choosing the right material for your project.

Remodeling or building a new outdoor deck will increase your living space and the value of your home. Building or renovating your outdoor deck is a critical project. This is because it can impact the entire outlook of your home. Therefore, having a home remodeling expert by your side is critical.

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