Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you are a new homeowner and think the bathroom is not what you expected, or perhaps you have lived with an uncomfortable bathroom for several years and want it upgraded, you are in the right place. At Orange County Home Remodeling, we understand why bathrooms are among a house's most renovated and remodeled parts and are ready to assist you.

Our skilled contractors can assist you in transforming your bathroom space into the lovely, cozy, and useful room you and your cherished family deserve. If you need to remodel a part of your bathroom or your entire bathroom, you can rely on our courteous and respectful contractors at every stage of the project, from changing the design to installing new tubs, sinks, toilets, flooring, and more.

Read on to understand how we can help you with this critical investment in your home and how it could benefit you.

Quick Facts About Bathroom Remodeling

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom for a new home or a home you have lived in for several years, you must understand what it entails to plan adequately ahead of time. Bathroom remodeling generally refers to the changes you make to your bathroom space to improve its appearance.

In other words, bathroom remodeling is about modifying its appearance, design, and overall layout to make it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. To that end, you should understand that bathroom remodeling does not include any structural alterations such as:

  • Changing its flooring.
  • Changing its size.
  • Changing its walls.

During a bathroom redesign or remodeling project, the contractors you will hire will focus on utilizing existing elements or fixtures and modifying them to conform to the new layout or style you prefer. For aesthetic reasons, your contractors can also add or install trendy and modern vanities such as:

  • Showers.
  • Cabinets.
  • Bathtubs.
  • Countertops.

If you no longer enjoy a bathroom or bathtub in your bathroom because it takes up all the space, bathroom remodelers can replace them with alternatives that consume less space.

Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom

Generally speaking, before starting a bathroom remodeling project, homeowners can have a variety of visions and objectives. However, this is unsurprising given the variety of bathrooms available and the compelling reasons for upgrading or expanding them. Below is a brief overview of the reasons you should consider remodeling your bathroom:

Pure Necessity

If your bathroom drainage system becomes clogged now and then, plumbing and toilets are leaking, your shower head and faucets do not work correctly, or tiles are broken or chipped, an upgrade could be necessary. Gradually, older electrical and plumbing fixtures in your bathroom could also require improvement to stay up to code and keep them working and safe.

Boost Your Home Resale Worth

According to a 2020 article by, a slight remodel on any part or all of your bathrooms can result in a 102 percent return at resale. Since new homeowners do not want to deal with the hassle of remodeling their bathrooms, it is easy to understand why it could be advantageous to remodel your bathroom.

New homeowners want a clean, modern, functional, and organized bathroom where everything is within their convenience. Therefore, if you plan to resell your home to move to a new location, you cannot ignore the need to remodel your bathroom.

Personal Enjoyment and Satisfaction

Unquestionably, enjoying a fresh, modern, opulent, and practical space as you perform your daily baths is one of the main motivations for remodeling bathrooms. You can make your bathroom a more tranquil and peaceful oasis that gives you the relaxation you deserve after a long day at work.

Daily bathing in a disorganized, messy, and unattractive room with substandard and old-fashioned fixtures could be stressful for many. With remodeling, you can relax in a modern bathtub and dry off conveniently with heated towels. You can also choose the aesthetic textures and colors you want in your bathroom to help you soothe your stress, relax, and take you to a happy place.

Environmental Concerns

Creating an eco-friendly environment is another reason why people remodel their bathroom spaces. You can repurpose and reclaim an older porcelain sink instead of throwing it away in a dump. Alternatively, you can purchase your bathroom materials and fixtures from companies that manufacture environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and energy-saving products.

You can also consider installing faucets that will not leak and a new toilet that requires or uses little water to flush. Aside from being eco-friendly, these upgrades to your bathroom could reduce your water and electricity bills.

Unquestionably, whether you renovate your bathroom or build another one, you do so to provide people with quick and convenient access, no matter how many individuals reside in your residence. Other times, a bathroom remodel or makeover could be necessary because you and your family are growing older and need new safety fixtures like grab rails or bars.

Regardless of why you want to start a bathroom remodeling project, hiring a dependable and experienced contractor is wise. A skilled bathroom remodeler or contractor can assist you in designing and planning your dream bathroom.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Remodeling Company for Your Project

The quality of the work you will receive on the bathroom remodeling project will depend on the reliability of the contractor you hire. Since there are several bathroom remodeling companies, you should take your time to find the most dependable one. Below are some tips that can reduce your options for finding a dependable bathroom remodeler for your job without a hassle:

Consider the Company's Professionalism

Look for a bathroom remodeling company with top-notch professionalism in their services. To gauge your prospective company's professionalism, you should pay attention to the following during your initial consultation:

  • The communication skills of its contractors.
  • Whether its contractors are courteous and respectful.
  • How prompt they respond to your questions and concerns.
  • The overall customer service experience.

Whether the Company Can Offer All the Services Needed for this Project

It is unnecessary to juggle several contractors, their schedules, and different service costs for a project that a single contractor can complete. Ensure the company you hire has a team of experts who can offer you all the services you need for your bathroom remodeling project.

A reliable bathroom remodeling company will have a team of trained experts who can offer every needed project service, including electrical, design, and painting services. If your prospective remodeling company cannot provide all the services required to realize your envisioned bathroom space, you should continue searching for a reliable expert.

Consider the Experience of the Company

For top-notch workmanship to achieve your bathroom goals or vision, you cannot overlook your prospective company's experience. Ensure the company you settle for has qualified, creative, and experienced contractors who understand the importance of satisfying their clients' interests and expectations.

Consider the Estimated Period the Company Will Complete the Project

If you need your remodeling project completed as soon as possible, you should hire an available company to avoid waiting in line for these much-needed services. During your initial consultation with your prospective company, ensure you discuss how soon they can complete the project.

A reliable company will have workers ready to work full days with regular working hours until the project's final day. Our contractors have the necessary skills and work ethic to complete this project within the minimum possible duration without compromising their work quality.

Consider the Company's Cost of Services

Although cheap does not guarantee excellent services, ensure the bathroom remodeling company you hire has reasonable and pocket-friendly prices for their services. Scheduling appointments with different companies can help you understand the average cost to expect from a reliable remodeling company.

Eventually, the services and costs of the company you hire must suit your intended or planned budget for the entire bathroom remodeling and renovation project. A reputable company can help you save costs on this critical project without sacrificing the quality of services or the end result.

Consider the Reputation of the Company

The reputation of your prospective company can speak volumes about his/her skills and quality of services. If your prospective bathroom remodeling company has a positive reputation from his/her past clients, you should expect the best services from them. Similarly, a negative reputation is a red flag signifying that your prospective company's services are unreliable.

If you have a friend or a colleague who has worked with a bathroom remodeler in the past, you can ask him/her to recommend a credible and reputable company to hire for similar services.

Whether the Company is Licensed

It is also critical to work with a licensed remodeling company. Aside from being legally compliant, working with a licensed remodeling company shows their seriousness and commitment to their job. If your prospective remodeling company is unlicensed, you should find a different licensed company because that is a sign of incompetence and unreliability.

Elements of the Bathroom Remodeling Project

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a bathroom remodeling project will require several skills, from plumbing to electrical work, to bring your vision to life. In a nutshell, below are the elements of the bathroom remodeling project that our contractors can tackle for a more comfortable and appealing bathroom space you and your family deserve:

Showers, Tubs, and Jacuzzi Installation

For any type or design of shower or bathtub you want to fix in your bathroom, our contractors can help you install it at a cost-friendly price, including:

  • Glass shower stalls.
  • Jacuzzis.
  • Shower curtain rods.

We can also resurface your old bathtubs to enhance their appearance and save you the cost of buying a new one.

Bathroom Floor Replacement or Revival

If your old floor is torn out or not aesthetically pleasing, our contractors can revive or replace it with modern vinyl, wood, or tile flooring that will give your bathroom a new and modern appearance. Similarly, when you need tiles fixed on your bathroom sink backsplash and walls, our contractors are your go-to experts for the work.

Toilet Repair or Replacement

Nothing is more annoying than a toilet with a leakage problem. If your bathroom has this issue, our skilled contractors can locate and correct it immediately. If your toilet is unrepairable or damaged beyond repair, we can help you install a modern wall-mounted toilet within a few hours.

Electrical Work Repair or Replacement

A bathroom remodeling project could also require fixing and replacing your current electrical systems with modern ones, including (but not limited to) sockets, wiring, and lighting fixtures. We have skilled and experienced electricians who understand how to enhance and maximize electrical convenience, energy efficiency, and safety.

Brand New Vanity Installation and Improvements

Our experienced contractors can renovate an old vanity in the bathroom or install a new one. We can also help you select the ideal vanity style that suits or merges with your bathroom design and layout. We will fit your vanity with an appealing mirror, high-quality modern wood cabinets, and everything you need or desire in your bathroom space.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) System Installation and Improvements

A proper and well-functioning HVAC system is essential in a bathroom space. Our contractors can assist you in installing new ventilation and adding insulation in your bathroom walls and around the windows and doors to help maintain ideal indoor air quality.

Plumbing Work Repair and Replacement

Whether it is the shower heads, sinks, drains, toilets, faucets, or anything else that uses water, our skilled contractors can help you repair, install, relocate, or upgrade its plumbing system. Upgrading and repairing the plumbing system in your bathroom increases water efficiency and decreases any chances of a future leakage problem which can be costly,

Storage Space Improvement

A bathroom requires adequate storage in a relatively compact space for convenience reasons, and we understand this. Our contractors can help you install in-shower storage for soaps and shampoos, storage for toiletries, aesthetic towel shelves, and everything else you need in your bathroom space.

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